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Volunteering in Women4Cyber Finland

Women4Cyber ​​Finland (aka W4CFI) is a non-profit association whose mission is to support women in Finland to find employment in the cybersecurity field, increasing diversity and equalizing the existing gender balance.

ℹ️ Women4Cyber ​​Finland is one of Women4Cyber’s 20 official national chapters

ℹ️ We take a stand in social discussions, organize events, offer support, share current information regarding the cybersecurity field and collaborate with our support members and collaboration partners.

A few words about volunteering in W4CFI

Women4Cyber Finland’s activities are strongly based on volunteer work, which is carried out in three different volunteer teams. The volunteer's commitment is for a year in a team of their choice. Each team is assigned with a team lead. The team lead’s role is to ensure all the planned things are carried out as agreed, and also to maintain a good team spirit within the team.

The task of the volunteer teams is to carry out activities that support the mission of Women4Cyber Finland in cooperation with the association’s support members and collaboration partners.

W4CFI is a bilingual organization, as it uses both, Finnish and English. The association’s aim is to enable a low threshold, so that as many people as possible can participate in the association's activities and events.

Do you want to become a W4CFI volunteer for 2024?

Volunteering is an excellent way to get to know the Finnish cybersecurity industry and the people working in it, and to grow your own networks! Both those who have been working in cybersecurity for a longer time and those who are just interested in the field can join - the most important thing is an enthusiastic attitude and interest in working together.

Volunteership is always for one year at a time in the team of your choice; when applying, you’ll be choosing the team you are most interested in volunteering. The call for 2024 volunteers will open in early September.

Application instructions and more information on how to apply will be published on our social media (LinkedIn and Instagram).

Introducing the volunteer teams

The W4CFI articles team 💻💡🧠

In the articles team led by Minttu, you'll be responsible for coming up with topics for articles both among the team and in collaboration with our support members and collaboration partners throughout 2024.

The articles team publishes cyber-related personal interviews (role model of the month), tips posts and factual articles on the Women4cyber Finland website. The article team meets and discusses regularly via Discord, but otherwise the activities are not tightly bound to any time or place - it is easy to participate in the team's activities even if you live further away from the capital region. The articles team is well suited to a volunteer who has the enthusiasm to delve deeper into the topic under study and to meet inspiring people in the field and learn about their stories. The superpowers utilized in this role: collaboration, ownership & proactiveness! ✨

The W4CFI events team 🎪 🙌 👥

In the events team led by Janika, you'll be responsible for planning and organizing events, collaborating together with our support members and collaboration partners throughout 2024.

These events are held mainly twice a month. Volunteers work in pairs and each pair is responsible for organizing around four events a year. You will have your pair, team lead and other volunteers to help you! Events team’s communication happens primarily on Discord, with a regular (remote) meeting every other week. Volunteers are expected to be on site at the events they organize, so the tasks in this team cannot be done fully remote. This team is perfect for people with a passion for hands-on teamwork. The superpowers utilized in this role: collaboration, communication & coordination! ✨

The W4CFI Social media team📱#️⃣ 👀

The social media team, led by Marjo, is a team where you'll come up with ideas for content, mainly published on our Instagram or LinkedIn. You'll be assigned with a responsibility area, agreed together with the team lead. The social media team also creates content together with our support members and collaboration partners.

In our social media team, we thrive on three key qualities: creativity, adaptability, and responsiveness. We create daily social media content and stay connected through Discord, Signal, and weekly remote meetings. Our approach is fast, creative, and visually-focused.

Team members also take turns participating in Women4Cyber Finland’s events. While we value independent work, we also encourage collaborative thinking. The social media world can be demanding but fun, making it a rewarding challenge. If you're filled with ideas and willing to learn to use tools like Canva and other social media apps, this team may be a great fit for you.

The superpowers utilized in this role: communication, collaboration & creativity! ✨

Greetings from a W4CFI volunteer 2022-2023

The best part of the year has definitely been the community, networking in cyber (which is still a foreign field to me) and participating in W4CFI events. I’ve learned a lot during the year, made new acquaintances in the industry and had the chance to talk to interesting experts and female icons who have been in the industry for a long time. My year as a W4CFI volunteer has been very rewarding to operate with my own team and colleagues. Nothing needs to be done alone and there are always helping hands around to ask for help 😊

Good to know about the application period

We're happy that you are interested in volunteering for Women4Cyber Finland 🤩

ℹ️ The call for applications will open on 7 September 2023.

ℹ️ You can find the application form on our social media channels.

ℹ️ With the application form, you can apply to join one or more of our teams. You can fill in the application form in Finnish or in English.

ℹ️ When applying, we are interested in hearing about who you are and what kind of tasks you are interested in. Let your personality shine through on the application form - for us, it’s all about letting everyone be themselves and highlighting their own strengths. 💜


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