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Networking in cybersecurity

In spring 2023 we asked our support members to share their best job search tips*. In almost all responses the companies highlighted the importance of networking and connecting with others. Networking is undeniably a rewarding and important part of modern working life, but finding the right places and ways to network can feel daunting, especially at the beginning of your career and studies. In this article you will find our tips on networking.

* You can find our article series "Looking for a kickstart to your career in cybersecurity?" on Women4Cyber Finland's Instagram.

Benefits of networking

  • Talking to other professionals in the field will give you new perspectives and a chance to exchange ideas.

  • By following fellow cybersecurity professionals you can keep up to date with the latest phenomena and topics. This will be of great benefit in maintaining and developing your professional skills.

  • Networks allow you to connect with interesting people and companies. This is particularly useful when looking for a job, as you are more likely to come across interesting jobs through existing networks. In addition, it is easier to ask for more information once the channels of communication have been opened.

  • There is no one right way to network. The key is to listen to yourself and find the way that suits you best. If you are nervous about meeting new people face-to-face you can start networking by participating in discussions online. If you are a newcomer in the cybersecurity field, it is worth keeping an eye out for beginner-friendly meeting places and events. W4CFI events, for example, are designed to be suitable for everyone, regardless of background.

  • Like any other relationship, networking takes time, commitment and perseverance. But it is worth the effort, as well-functioning networks are an asset based on trust and cooperation.


Networking face-to-face

Events are a great way to network, as they bring together a large number of people interested in the same topic. The theme and content of events often also provide an easy source of content for discussions, making it easier to meet new people. Through face-to-face discussion, trust is often built more quickly, which allows for discussion around broader topics. Women4Cyber Finland’s events

Women4Cyber Finland (W4CFI) regularly organizes events together with its partners and supporter members. To find up-to-date information on upcoming events, please visit the Women4Cyber Finland’s Meetup where you can register for our upcoming events and join the waiting list.

In October 2023, we are organizing an event called Women4Cyber Finland presents: Empowering Women in Cyber Security, which will inspire and encourage women to enter the cybersecurity industry. The event is suitable for anyone interested in cybersecurity, regardless of age or background. The event is free of charge.

W4CFI's events are primarily aimed at women, but we welcome everyone. The event description will always indicate the language in which the event will take place and what the event programme will include. No prior knowledge of cybersecurity is required to participate in events and our on-site volunteers do their best to ensure that everyone feels welcome and happy at the events. CitySec - Cold North

In Finland (and elsewhere in the Nordic region), city-specific cyber gatherings are regularly organized for experts in the field to exchange ideas on cyber phenomena through interesting presentations. For up-to-date information on active CitySec, please visit the official website. For more detailed information on the activities of CitySecs, please visit the individual website of each Sec.

Hot tip! Some CitySecs (e.g. HelSec) also publish the presentations given at their events on YouTube – so you can also access interesting presentations even if you didn’t make it to the event!


Disobey – Finland's largest technical security and hacking event – takes place in the spring. The event brings together cybersecurity professionals and amateurs. The event includes a wide range of presentations, workshops and cyber companies presenting their own activities. To jump into the spirit of the event, check out the hacking challenge on the Disobey website!

Mimmit Koodaa

The Mimmit koodaa programme, aimed specifically at women, will break down myths and stereotypes about the IT sector in cooperation with companies active in the field. Mimmit Koodaa events and activities focus mainly on coding and software development instead of cybersecurity.

Events organized by schools and businesses

In Finland, schools and businesses actively organize cybersecurity related events. For example, XAMK University of Applied Sciences of South-Eastern Finland has organized multiple interesting cybersecurity events in 2023. You can find more information on events organized by schools and companies by visiting their websites and social media pages.


Networking online

Networking and participating in discussions about cybersecurity can also be done online.

Women4Cyber Finland’s - Discord

On Women4Cyber Finland’s Discord channel you can participate in cybersecurity related discussions in both Finnish and English. You can discuss topics around work and career, studies and events. You can also ask for help from others on issues that concern you. Women4Cyber Finland's Discord channel can be found through this link.


Successful and happy networking – see you at W4CFI’s events ✨💜


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