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The agenda

Make sure not to miss what interests you the most; the participants have the opportunity to transition between the two themes, merging their aspirations with the inspiration they find along the way.


12:45 Doors open


13:15 Opening words (EN)
@ Auditorium 

Noora Hammar

Founder & President,

Women4Cyber Finland

14:00 Kyberturvallisuuden opinnot (FI) @ Auditorium

Satu Koskinen

IT Director, CIO at

Yleinen työttömyyskassa YTK

15:30 Panel Discussion: Career stories & tips (FI) @ Auditorium 

Join us, as the panelists discuss about the cybersecurity industry, share their career stories and  tips!

13:00 The event kicks off!

Make sure to head to the Auditorium first.

13:30 TBA (EN)
@ Auditorium

Kirke Saar

CIO, Head of IT at

Nordic Investment Bank

14:30-17:00 Workshopping

CV clinic (FI, EN)

LinkedIn Workshop (FI, EN)

Career speed dating (FI, EN)

16:15 Break & refreshments

As the Aspiration theme is heading to an end, take a break, network and get ready to be inspired!

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